The Metal Market by Metal Solutions grew from combining my two passions of manufacturing and décor. Metal Solutions Inc. is a contract manufacturing partner for businesses in the various industries that keep our work moving – such as transportation, material handling, glass forming, and medical. The Metal Market by Metal Solutions was created to serve individual clients looking for the perfect pieces to decorate their home, mancave, office or business.

I have worked in manufacturing since the start of my career, and absolutely love the field. Taking pieces of metal in their raw form and turning them into various parts that are critical to many applications is truly amazing. I also love the world of décor. Creating a space that is relaxing and inviting makes me feel more productive, inspired and truly at peace.


Being able to integrate my passion for décor with my experience in manufacturing is truly a dream come true!

It is my hope that you can find the perfect piece for your space at the Metal Market by Metal Solutions. And if our current designs are not a good fit, and you have something else in mind for your space, please reach out to us about a custom design option.


Happy Decorating!

Melissa Monarko

President – Metal Solutions Inc. and The Metal Market by Metal Solutions.